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Customer expectactions when using our support

People often approach us in a rude manner as if they expect the corporate bureaucracy to stand in the way of the results that they desire, so they become defensive right away. This article is to outline our expectations for customer behavior when contacting support.

Things you should know:

  • We are not a large corporation.
  • We may take your insults personally.
  • We will not beg for your business.
  • We sell some services in a shared environment (e.g. web hosting) and most variables may not be adjustable for you as they may have too large of an impact on others.
  • If you need to be 100% in control of your services, we can provide unmanaged or managed virtual servers (also known as VPS).
  • If you ask for a refund, you will most likely get it (some services and products may not be refundable, please read our refund policies for more information).
  • We provide high-quality delivery on a budget, do not consider you will have "your own personal system administrator, developer or IT consultant for $5/month".
  • We may resolve any issues outside of our responsibility (e.g. on your Wordpress installation) but do not assume we will keep doing it for free in the future.

When you don't know how to do a certain task, either it is related to something on our web control panel or on your web application (e.g. Wordpress), we will most likely send a tutorial or a guide. If you run into issues or just don't know how to follow a certain instruction, we will do our best to help and clarify such step by providing additional details. If for some reason you keep having issues or difficulties, we will most likely send a quote to do such task. Not being able to do any particular task, nor having the patience or knowledge required to follow a tutorial/guide won't convince us to do it for free.


Here are some example attitudes that will result in a negative reaction from support:

  • The attitude of "It would be a shame if I had to take my money elsewhere because you didn't do what I'm asking you to do right now."
  • Direct insults toward us, our services or any products we sell. Feedback is good, insults are not. "You suck" is not feedback.

These attitudes will promptly lead to a refund of your last invoice if the service or product is refundable, a link to a backup of your content, and the termination of your service. We are not your cable company, you cannot speak to us poorly while we continue to provide you our services. While we value our customers, we also value our sanity and a positive environment in our workplaces.

Thank you for reading and for your preference.

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