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How can I contact you by Skype?

Support via Skype chat is available mostly to provide dedicated assistance for complex inquiries or issues. Almost by definition, this will require scheduling a Skype session to select an expert to handle your request correctly.


How to schedule or request a Skype chat session?

Please open a ticket within your Dashboard (if you have an account) or send an email to schedule or request a Skype chat session whenever possible. Enter as many details as possible related to your inquiry or issue. You may also ask us to contact you whenever possible via Skype. If it's the case, please let us know when we have a better chance to contact you.

A staff member may add you directly (usually, it will be the dedicated manager of your account). If this happens, we will let you know about it beforehand unless you already have the staff member in your contacts list.


How to schedule or request a Skype voice session?

Voice calls via Skype to obtain support is also possible using the same guidelines of our phone support offer.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it necessary to schedule a Skype session?

Good question. We understand and know why Skype is so easy and appellative to use. We love to use Skype, as well.

However, when several staff members are replying to any number of requests, every staff receives notification updates, even when they are not the ones handling a particular chat session. At some point, it will be hard to keep track of which requests an individual staff member was replying to (with or without notifications turned on). And there are no canned responses to provide faster replies to common questions either.

In short, Skype was not made to be used by multiple staff members at the same time, neither it was made to work as a Live Chat.


Why I'm being asked to open a ticket or send an email when I contact a specific staff member directly via Skype on his account?

Our staff always tries to be as friendly as possible. After all, we are here to achieve your goals. Generally, this means clearing the road for you, even when it may create all sorts of unrealistic expectations in the future.

Our internal guidelines and policies state that any client should open a request through the Manager or send an email before being able to chat directly with any staff member via Skype. In other words, scheduling or having to request a Skype session is the standard rule. However, our staff has a choice in this matter since it's their personal Skype account. We ask for your understanding that sometimes our staff might not be available on their personal Skype account.

Independently of our business hours, our staff members have their schedules. Since you have their personal Skype account, we kindly ask for your understanding to not forget that our staff also have their own time, weekends, days off, vacations, and so on. Having a specific staff member knowing exactly how your system works from the inside out is a great advantage over any other staff member. However, this may also make a specific staff member work more than everyone else during any period of time (which is unfair). If you want a particular staff member to handle your request, you would have to wait for him to be available within his working schedule, which may vary from time to time.

Independently of each case, if any of our staff members didn't reply to your message within any amount of time you feel reasonable, please open a request through the ticket system or send an email.


What are the alternatives to Skype?

We have a Live Chat software implemented on our websites. This software, in particular, has integration with Facebook Messenger, and Email. At this point, integrating our common Skype account with our current Live Chat software is not possible due to technical limitations.


Why was I blocked?

Your Skype account may be blocked, and it will be unblocked when you have scheduled a session.

Some people contact us whenever they see our common Skype account online, assuming we are available. We do not monitor, view, or check our Skype account except during a scheduled session. However, our Skype sessions are exclusively dedicated to the client who has scheduled it. Therefore, we may block everyone without a scheduled Skype session to avoid possible misunderstandings, confusion, or late replies.


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