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Can I Use Your Services To Perform DDoS Attacks?

Do you want to get the authorities to knock on your door? Do you think that would be faster than calling 911 (or a similar emergency number in your country)?

Jokes aside, answering your question, no. You cannot use our services to perform DDoS attacks. If your service is found to be used to perform DDoS attacks with or without your knowledge, we reserve the right to suspend it permanently or temporarily – depending on the situation and common sense.

How will you know?

We value your privacy and therefore, don’t monitor or control what goes through the network connection of your service. Usually, the person, organization, or company you are performing DDoS attacks will send a complaint with an attached report, which we will be able to verify and confirm on our side. Alternatively, we may also notice what you are doing in case you disrupt our network.

Can you check what happened?

In case your service is used to perform DDoS attacks, we may have to create a backup for auditing purposes. This backup may be kept up to 5 years. We would ask for your authorization and help to review the backup if the DDoS attacks were performed without your knowledge. In case you have sensitive data on your service or your data is encrypted, we can schedule a remote session through TeamViewer or similar services to retrieve the necessary logs.

Will you report to the authorities?

It will depend on the situation and if it was the first time happening. We might have to report and collaborate with the authorities even if the DDoS attacks were performed by a third party accessing your server without authorization.

In case you suspend my service, what will happen to my data?

You will be contacted to retrieve your data. For more information, please check the following article.